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Engagement is not a gimmick or obscure concept.

Simply put:

  • Do your employees share what is on their mind?
  • Tell others what a good place they work at?
  • Stay with your business because they feel valued?


  • Strive to do their best work?

When all those answers are all a yes, you have an engaged team. You might even be viewed as an employer of choice, and you don’t have to run a large corporation to be seen as that.

Engagement is directly tied to culture, hence why we focus on both and the first is driven by the latter.

Here is just some of what we can do:

  • Facilitate cultural identity and change programs that cascade throughout your entire organisation
  • Design and facilitate coaching programs for key influencers and teams
  • Develop programs that turn your leaders into mentors and encourage coaching across teams
  • Conduct and analyse employee engagement surveys and focus groups that are linked to your strategic objectives
  • Help provide the structures and support that give everyone the opportunity to make a personal impact by contributing to the organisation’s direction

What makes a culture?

A culture is the way in which people do their work and how they behave with each other. It’s “how we do things around here”. A culture can be fun and pleasant, which is always energizing and translates into great results, or it can be a quietly toxic game of avoidance.

We work with organisations and teams at all levels to make sure your culture aligns with the vision you have for your business. We’ll set out to learn what’s driving your team and organisational behaviour right now, then we set out to develop the right environment for success.

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