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Make a clear impact.

Your team, vision, and your

dedicated HR:Refined Consultant. 

Small to medium sized businesses don’t often have an HR professional to call on. We get that.

Acting as your HR Manager, we can help once, for a project, or for for a while. We get that too.

About Us

Taking a different approach to traditional consulting, we partner as the HR Manager for businesses who do not have their own. We create simple and concise plans with your goals in mind and show you clear ways of doing the right thing for your brand which can lead to long term results. Because we always listen to our clients we provide superior service and value.

We're passionate about supporting our clients on their terms.

No two situations are alike, so when you're after relevant advice with no frills we can help. We'll give you 30 minutes to get some peace of mind.

Our Mission

Being your trusted resource with the right advice, simply.

Our vision

To provide the best possible value to the businesses and people who count on us. We will continually raise the bar for outsourced HR  through trust in good times, unusual times, growth times, and tough times.

Hourly support

This is a great solution for times when the full scope of work is unknown and we have to focus on specific action items. It works well when clients need advice on how to deal with a problem employee or when there is a need to conduct workplace investigations (post-incident, or when an employee raises serious allegations).

project based engagements

Projects are not business as usual; they're all about introducing change. Some examples can be introducing an onboarding process within a business who had none, or planning growth for a second location. We can scope the timeline, tolerances, inputs, and delivery in a no-nonsense plan.

Monthly Packages

We offer three types of packages, designed for small and growing businesses. They are built for maximum value and differ to suit budgets, size, and complexity. All levels provide compliance assurance, strategy work and dedicated support.

Catalina Johnson

Catalina Johnson

Founding Director

Cat is an experienced senior HR Practitioner who values excellent service and cares about how her work impacts WA businesses and those working in them.

"I founded this business for three very clear reasons: 

  1. to make my level of professionnal experience affordable to small & growing businesses
  2. to become a desired employer for amazing service-focused HR Practitioners
  3. to show my clients how to get real, sustainable financial gains for and with their teams."

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