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Simple Human Resources for small and growing WA business

Welcome to HR: Refined.

Human Resources Consulting

Small to medium size business owners and leaders don’t often have a dedicated HR pro to call on. We get that.

We act as the HR Manager to businesses who do not have their own.

We are keen to prove how simple and clear plans for your team work best, and take a service-first approach. 

Catalina Johnson

Catalina Johnson

Founding Director

Catalina (Cat) Johnson is a senior HR practitioner with 16+ years of experience in multiple industries and geographies. Acronyms, jargon and people selling ambiguous solutions can sometimes make her swear. Some of her most valued career accomplishments to date are: speaking blue and white collar fluently, creative problem solving, and being a fun mum.

Cat gives and expects excellent service and cares about how her work impacts businesses and those working in them. She believes in the power of inside-out branding and leveraging the right tech options get quicker results.

“I founded this business for three very clear reasons: To work at my best in a way that I trust is best, to make my level of professional experience affordable to small and growing businesses and to become a best employer for amazing service-focused HR practitioners. I want to squash the stereotypes that label HR as a nice-to-have and show my clients how to get real and sustainable financial gains for and with their teams. “



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